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An eco-friendly B&B

Travelling has a cost to the planet, and sustainability-conscious travellers rightly want their vacation to have a reduced impact on the environment. For those who make a conscious choice of ecotourism, it is important to know that they can find hospitality in places where respect for the environment, together with that for the guest, comes first. And our Eco B&B is one of these places!

Our family has always been committed to a less polluted world and does so in the daily management of the house:

  • We use solar energy (the cleanest renewable source and with the lowest environmental impact) thanks to the photovoltaic panels positioned on the roof of the house and we strive to use appliances during the hours of the day when the sun shines the most


  • We pay attention to energy consumption and try to avoid unnecessary waste


  • We try not to over-use detergents and we only use biodegradable hygiene products with a high percentage of natural raw materials, in order to respect both the environment and the health of our skin


  • We consume and offer food from organic farming and 0km, being part of a solidarity buying group that delivers freshly picked fruit and vegetables from the Sicilian countryside


  • We take care of our natural garden with organic methods and without the use of pesticides and herbicides. When the time comes to fight aphids or other plant parasites, we use integrated pest management and introduce their natural predators, such as ladybirds, from specialized farms

Since we have been part of the Ecobnb network  we are also committed to:


  • Transforming guest rooms into Plastic Free rooms, where single-use plastic is banned and replaced by natural and non-polluting materials 

  • Use only recycled or FSC-certified paper

  • Recycle at least 80% of our domestic waste

  • Encourage the use of public transport and the bicycles

  • Support the local economy by creating a solidarity network not only with other hospitality businesses but also, and above all, with merchants, restaurateurs, cultural and recreational service providers, tourist and hiking guides of  Viagrande and neighbouring towns


We are therefore happy and proud to offer our guests both a healthy environment for their stay, as well as sharing our intentions and commitments for a better future.

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