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Etna eruption


Biologist and environmental hiking guide, Susanna is passionate about her land and in particular about Etna where she gained her main work experiences studying the flora and fauna typical of the volcano. For this he loves to linger with his guests, offering information and valuable advice on the most interesting itineraries in the area and organizing, on request, guided excursions with expert professionals.


Here are some of the authentic experiences that you can live during your stay in Viagrande:

wine tasting

Visit to the cellars and tasting of Etna wines

Etna is not only wild nature and breathtaking views, it is also agriculture and, above all, viticulture. The Etnean vineyards are a spectacle within a spectacle, with their twisted vines that sink their roots between sands and volcanic rocks, fighting against difficult environmental conditions. And the wines that come from this unique territory have a strong and authentic character, which makes them special, sometimes great excellences.


During your stay you can dedicate a few hours or a whole day to a guided tour of the best wineries in the area, with a tour of the vineyards and cellars in the company of expert winemakers and sommeliers, to finish with the tasting of the best products of each company that will accompany a brunch or a lunch or dinner based on typical Sicilian dishes.


In Viagrande there are 3 excellent wineries ( Terra Costantino , Tenute Mannino , Benanti ) but you can also plan a tour which also touches the other realities of the south-eastern side of Etna.

Hiking on Mount Etna

Guided excursions and Trekking on Etna

For those visiting eastern Sicily, an excursion to Etna is undoubtedly one of the experiences not to be missed. The highest active volcano in Europe, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, awaits you for a simple walk through its woods or for a more demanding excursion to discover breathtaking views. You can decide to spend only half a day on the volcano but know that Etna is a real treasure chest and each side offers different scenarios. You can choose to make your excursion independently or contact the professional guides who will be able to prepare diversified itineraries for you or for small groups that also include destinations that are not purely naturalistic.

Among the experiences not to be missed, we recommend overlooking the Valle del Bove, a huge and deep depression originating from the collapse of a part of the eruptive system. The ridges of the valley can be reached from both the south and north sides, we will advise you which are the best paths to follow. And, once at the top, a fascinating spectacle will present itself that truly gives an idea of ​​the grandeur and power of nature.

Etna central craters hike

Visit to the summit craters of Etna

It is a unique experience that will make your holiday unforgettable. For safety reasons it is not possible to reach the summit craters unless accompanied by authorized volcanological guides that you will meet at the Piazzale del Rifugio Sapienza in Nicolosi.


There are various types of excursions that vary according to the season, the volcanic activity in progress and the age and physical fitness of the participants.


To make it even easier for those of you who want to visit the summit craters, the b & b collaborates with the FUNIVIA DELL'ETNA, the only company on the Etna Sud side to make excursions to the authorized crater areas: those who buy the ticket for the cable car or for the special off-road vehicles that reach the summit areas of the volcano, you can take advantage of a free high-altitude snack.

Butterfly House

An immersion in the fascinating world of insects: Butterflies and Bees

Why not turn into entomologists for a day? Thanks to Susanna's experience as director of the Butterfly House in Viagrande and environmental educator, from June to October you can experience a small and unusual adventure and discover the thousands of secrets of the most important pollinating insects for the environment and for man.


The experience includes a visit to the Butterfly House, a live museum where you can closely admire the most beautiful butterflies in the world that live inside a greenhouse transformed into a corner of the forest. Here the butterflies carry out their entire life cycle and will be observed as they fly, feed, court and reproduce. We will provide you with a personalized guide that will also reveal the "behind the scenes" and all the secrets of insect breeding.


Afterwards, we will move to a beekeeping company in the area where, in total safety and with the guidance of a beekeeper, you can closely observe the bees at work in their hives, learn to recognize the queen bee, the drones and the workers, and discover all the products of the hive: honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and wax. A snack will follow with a tasting of local honey.

To be booked in advance

Wellness massage

Wellness and relaxation: Yoga and massages

For those who want to experience real psychophysical well-being during their holiday, during the summer we offer the opportunity to participate in our Vinyasa Flow Yoga lessons, held by qualified teachers, experts in wellness and relaxation. Dedicating yourself to a gentle but dynamic physical practice at the same time, favouring breathing and the balance between body, mind and spirit, will make your stay at the b&b even more pleasant and healthy!

After the yoga class or at the end of a day of physical activity, whether you are dedicated to a sporting practice or a naturalistic excursion, we offer a special Wellness Massage to choose from:

Ayurveda massage - Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science based on the search for balance between body and mind through the use of natural remedies, and massage is the means by which you can dissolve tensions, rebalance the energies that they govern the entire human-machine, purifying energy channels and centres.

In Ayurveda massage one of the essential components is the oil, specific for each Dosha (constitution). It softens the skin, the joints and at the same time absorbs and retains all the impurities and toxins that are released from the body during the massage.

Relax massage - Relieves tension, stimulates blood circulation, relieves stress. Particularly effective for back stiffening problems caused by tension and poor posture.

Draining Massage - Gentle and relaxing, thanks to a sequence of superficial manual skills, it reactivates the lymphatic circulation, promotes the elimination of toxins and oxygenates the tissues.

Decontracting / Sports Massage - At the end of a day dedicated to intense physical activity, it allows you to relieve tension and restore elasticity to muscles and movement.

To be booked in advance

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